Car Registration

What can you expect when moving with a motor vehicle to a new country?

When the time to relocate comes, you face various challenges – one of them is the transportation of your motor vehicle.

There are many rules, regulations and restrictions, depending on the country you are about to move to. Over the years, Matrix Relocations has gained lots of experience moving all over the world, and our team of moving experts in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb is able to provide you with very detailed information on every country’s regulations and requirements. From loading and securing the vehicle into a truck or container, through all the documents, up to the actual moving and delivery. You will be surprised how easy that process has become for us in the years.

Our team will support you at every moving step, you will be guided by highly trained professionals, to avoid any surprises and last-minute issues. We can suggest local insurance companies and good service companies. All kinds of information you may need for your vehicle.

No matter if your are transporting a car, a 4×4 or even a boat, you can rely on our team to advise the most convenient and cost effective possibilities for the whole moving process. As part of our relocation services we:

  • Pre-arrival consultation on possibilities and restrictions on importing a motor vehicle into your future host country.
  • Getting car registration plates and certificate issued on your behalf.
  • A green card for the EU. In order to be able to drive your car in Europe, you need a green card and we will assist you in that process.
  • Insurance with a reliable insurance company chosen by you. If you don’t have preferences, we can suggest good insurers.

As a relocation company, we at Matrix Relocations provide car registration assistance, when you and your family relocate.

  • What Our Clients Say

    Herewith I would like to thank you for the good service. Your company Matrix Relocations was very responsive and customer friendly. Our communication was excellent and I would like to reassure you that in case I need to relocate again, I will definitely contact you again or recommend you to…

    K. Krestev