move preparation

Move Preparation

How to prepare for your move?

Preparing for your international move is one of the most important aspects to a successful relocation. Moving overseas is a complicated process, because you are changing your old world for a brand new one. As a moving company we give you a guide to the necessary preparations for an international move. Move preparation from Matrix Relocations.

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International move preparation: Inspect your possessions

When you begin the international move preparation process, one of our agent moving specialists will come to your home and will explain the services that Matrix Relocations offers. The next step is a survey of everything in your home that will be moved – pointing out items along the way that can’t be moved, such as flammable cans of paint, and items that might require special attention, such as antiques or your wine collection.
The calculations will be based on the volume of goods to be shipped and/or the volume and weight of goods to be air-freighted. Accurate calculations depend on the details given to the relocation adviser during this part of the process. The more accurate the details, the more accurate the estimate. Read more on our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How can you help?

Tell us about all your goods in detail, including the contents of drawers, cupboards, attics and garages.  If there are items that are not currently at your home, they should be described accurately. Further, if you are planning to buy new items that will be included in the move, tell us during the inspection.
If you want to store some of your belongings in your country of origin or at you destination, storage is a cost-effective solution, particularly if you have to limit the size of your shipment, if you are renting out your home while you are away or are moving into a hotel before finding a permanent home. Let your move specialist know about any storage needs you may have.

How to protect your possessions

You will be advised on coverage options by your adviser in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia, to ensure that your possessions are protected during the move. Although it’s not likely that anything untoward will happen, coverage gives you the security and peace of mind that you need while the move takes place. Precise coverage information is an important part of your international move preparation.


Because of security requirements, proper documentation is really important. You can rely on the expertise of your adviser to guide you through the process of identifying and completing the appropriate paperwork for your origin and destination countries. Complete it as fast as possible, because documentation is a critical part of the international move preparation process and late receipt may delay your move.

Prepare to travel

Most of the world is considered safe for travel, but we still recommend that you check both the State Department at for current travel advisories and or for local embassy information. Embassies and consulates will provide you with additional information on what you should do in case of emergency.
Heightened security measures require additional time for check-in. Check for additional information regarding air travel safety and security and related check-in requirements, baggage restrictions, etc.

After you have completed the move preparation process, you will be better equipped for the requirements of your overseas relocation. The best-laid plans will result in the most successful moving experience. Matrix Relocations’ guide to the international move preparation process will provide you what you need to know, so you can focus on your exciting new adventure. Read more our moving tips and packing guides.

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