When you Arrive

The appropriate visa depending on your assignment and purpose of stay

When the time comes to relocate, you will be well prepared on what to expect and your personal relocation and immigration advisor from the offices of Matrix Relocations in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb will guide you through every step, standing with you at every institution and solving every issue that arise from the immigration procedures.

  • There are different kinds of documents required in regards of your legal stay in a host country. Depending on your country of origin the processes vary and so do the documents. Movement throughout the European Union is not that complicated nowadays, the papers required are to be issued from the local authorities and to be renewed when expired.

  • Most of the times in your host country the local administrators won’t speak your language and the applications to be filled in will be in a language you don’t understand. This may put a lot of stress on you, cause problems and waste time. Sometimes you may end up with a different document to the ones you need issued.

  • At Matrix Relocations we take care of all the tasks: filling in applications in your presence, simultaneously translating for you, processing of visas, full assistance with documentation for work and residence permits, including apostilles, legalization and translations. Our professional team, experts in the local administration requirements, simplify the process and provide a stress-free experience for you and your family.

Assisting with work permits

  • Depending on the work flow to a specific country, obtaining work permits and authorizations might be really complicated and hardly understandable. Most countries’ labor offices provide applications and documents to be filled in only in the local language, putting you at risk of stress and disappointment.

  • Our team of experts will make sure that you need concentrate only on your new career and projects in your new business environment. We believe that a new beginning must be nice and easy, enjoyable and hold only good surprises. There are a lot more important things for you to take care of and explore, rather than the immigration office and labor bureau.

  • A number of legal terms and conditions must be met for the permit to be issued. Work permits are issued for a maximum duration of 1 year. If the terms and conditions for its issuance are still valid, the work permit may be renewed for an additional one-year term. A mandatory prerequisite for initially obtaining a work permit is that the foreign national is granted a long-stay visa. Foreign nationals on short-stay visas may not seek employment or apply for work permits.

  • It is really important to follow the law in the country you are about to enter. The Federation of European Employers released a finding in August 2012 that employers in the European Union (EU) are being “called upon to act as border guards of last resort”. This means that employers are becoming increasingly responsible for ensuring that immigration rules and regulations are followed.

Full family assistance

  • Our international relocation specialists will provide a consultation with you and your family regarding eligibility to work and possibilities for studies in the host country. We will prepare for you the most suitable immigration strategy, with every step explained in detail. Our relocation coach will proactively follow up with all relevant parties to assist with document preparation and to ensure that the case progresses in line with target start date.

Residence permit

  • This procedure must follow the work permit process, since the residence permit validates the work permit.

  • A residence permit is issued to a foreigner who intends to reside in the country for a period exceeding 180 days.

  • There are two types of a residence permit:
    *** Long stay residence permit, which does not exceed one year.
    *** Permanent residence permit.

  • Processing and issuing the relevant documents might be really complicated and difficult for you and your family members. Our relocation specialist will communicate with all the local authorities on your behalf and make sure the process is smooth and quick. Ability to act in stressful situations and experience with surprising last minute requirements has made our team professional and competent.

Registration certificates

  • To minimize your exposure to risk, we take care of policy interpretation, management of exceptions and resolving the issues throughout every assignment. We’ll also communicate directly with all of the relevant authorities, ensuring a smooth and well-planned transition.

  • By reporting on our activities and the progress of your global assignments, we give you a full view of what is happening with your immigration strategy at any time. And remember, planning is important, being legal in a foreign country is even more important. With our support you can truly feel safe, as our responsibility and professional attitude softens your landing in your new home.

Residence cards and personal identity number applications

  • Our experience shows that even though the process of issuing a residence card is not that complicated, and not that many legal documents are required, it is still confusing and slow when a client decides to try doing it alone.

  • Our consultant will be responsible for filling the applications on your behalf. Submitting the documents for you and your family members, following up with the authorities and informing you when the card is issued and ready to be collected.

  • Language barriers do cause trouble and misunderstandings. Sometimes this can’t be dealt with without appropriate support. A professional touch is required if you wish to succeed within the deadline.

Get in touch with our professional experts in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb and you will receive the highest quality service available. You will be surprised how complicated situations can look like child’s play when you have Matrix Relocations right next to you.

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