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Moving to Kosovo

Matrix Relocations, SouthEast Europe’s champion in moving and relocating, is the best choice for you when you are moving to Kosovo. It’s a place where your way to a fulfilling stay calls for truly expert moving services, assistance with immigration requirements, setting in and ongoing support, among our other services. In your move to Kosovo, Matrix Relocations will be with you and will take care of your precious goods all the way.

When it comes to Kosovo’s rules on visa requirements, residence rules and other regulations, you will be best off with a Matrix Relocations expert to smooth your way for you. We have useful advice to offer you, on the property market, on the job market, on the rules on work permits in Kosovo and on health care and finding schools.

Importing personal effects to Kosovo

Duties are levied on goods bought less than six months from the moment of import. There are exemptions from duties on importing personal effects if the individuals are diplomats and their family members, representatives and staff of official international organisations, for instance. Documentation required when importing personal effects includes a detailed inventory, passport, residence documentation, among others.

Bear in mind that there are rules and circumstances governing moving goods and travel by people if they are crossing into or from Serbia.

For further details on rules importing household goods and personal effects into Kosovo, please visit The International Association of Movers country guide. Again, it is important to note that Matrix Relocations provides its clients with informed guidance on the regulations and procedures to get you through all the rules and complexities.

Prohibited items

Items prohibited from import into Kosovo include firearms and ammunition and other weaponry, narcotics and all other illegal drugs, pornography, and toxic and radioactive materials.

Moving your pets to Kosovo

To bring your cat, dog or other pet into Kosovo, you will need official certification of your pet’s good health, including a record of vaccinations. The required documentation also includes a copy of your passport. Obviously, the rules are much more detailed than these brief guidelines and Matrix Relocations can provide detailed information on moving your pet to Kosovo. When it comes to moving your pet, have a look at Matrix Relocation’s useful advice.

Moving a motor vehicle to Kosovo

To import your car into Kosovo, it must be less than six years old, should be pre-owned, with a record of ownership documentation. Your driving licence will have to be shown. Your car clearing customs may take some days. Duty is chargeable. Again, the regulations are detailed according to different circumstances, including for instance exemptions for accredited diplomats, and Matrix Relocations can advise you on the full details.

Living in Kosovo

Kosovo has a population of about 1.7 million people and demographically, it’s a “young” place, with more than 70 per cent younger than 30-35. Well-known in the recent past for the troubles there, Kosovo has a security situation that remains largely calm but sometimes tense. Expatriates will find Kosovo to be a place of several good and affordable restaurants, active nightlife, good places to shop for food for the household – if you have some expert tips on where to find the best. Pristina has good hotels and a range of international schools. Foreigners may find the situation with power and water supplies and telecommunications sometimes challenging. Matrix Relocations’ team at our office in Pristina is best-placed and best-informed to give you up-to-date information about daily life in Kosovo.

Matrix Relocations, apart from handling your move to Kosovo and assisting you with our relocation services and immigration services, remains at your disposal for ongoing support in various forms.

Visa and Residence requirements

Details of visa requirements may be found at the website of Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Matrix Relocations looks forward to booking your move to Kosovo and handling your moving services request.

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