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Things to Throw Away Before Moving

It is always a good idea to throw away the long procrastinated items and eventually cut your moving expenses a bit. Additionally it will make your life easier when unpacking. You won’t have to waste as much time and you may be able to avoid renting a storage unit as well. So as you begin the packing process, make sure you definitely toss away these 7 items before you move.

Old Mugs

This is the time for a fresh start in your new kitchen, without all those old mugs that are just not being used anymore. If you find your kitchen cupboards are overwhelmed with junky coffee mugs, you’re not alone! We all have this mania of collecting mugs while traveling. If you’re one of these people, I recommend ditching the mugs you no longer need by donating them or trashing them responsibly.

Clothes you haven’t used for years

Open your closet and look around. You find any cloths that you don’t use anymore? Then get serious and throw them away while you still can. While letting go of old clothing and accessories can be a difficult and time consuming, it’s the single best way to cut down the moving expenses. Clothing takes up a lot of room in your moving boxes and in your drawers. Just keep the following questions in mind:

Have you worn it in the last year? Is it still on-trend? Does it fit? Is it in good condition?

If the answer is a resounding “no”, then ditch them before the move.

DVDs and CDs

If your shelves are jammed with old DVDs and CDs, it is time to let go of them. Eliminate unused DVDs and CDs, and save room for items you can actually use in the future. Movies, TV shows, and music can now be streamed at the click of a button. Your collection most probably won’t serve much of a purpose in your new home anyway. To get rid of old DVDs and CDs, we recommend hosting a garage sale.


For those readers guilty of having more books than they know what to do with. While many of these may be coming with you on the move, some of those dusty books will have to go. Books no longer serving a purpose should be donated, given away or sold before you move.

Out of date electronics

In today’s revolutionary world, we’re all guilty of owning many unused electronics. From out-of-date iPads and iPhones to old chargers and laptops, we all have stuffed cabinets with such belongings. Before you move, assess each of your electronics to determine whether the item is properly working and the item is something you need in your new home.

Old decorative pillows

One easy way to cut down on clutter is throw away the decorative pillow collection. Over the years, many house hosts collect inexpensive pillows from places like IKEA. Unless you’re planning on maintaining the same decor in your new home, just toss your old pillows to make way for the new ones before actually moving.

Old bath products

From empty shampoo bottles to 5-year-old hand lotions and mini soaps, it’s time to let go of all of your old bath products. It is recommend to trash anything that is expired or you no longer use. As well, take a look at your old makeup items, ladies

Once you’ve properly disposed of all of your unused, out-of-date and unnecessary belongings, you’ll need to start planning for the actual relocation itself. Contact your moving and relocation company Matrix Relocations.

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