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As a moving company for more than 30 years now, Matrix knows stressful can moving be.
A research has shown that moving home can be more stressful than an actual heartbreak (E.ON Research)

That is why, when you need a full service moving company  in Bulgaria (removal company in Bulgaria) and expert solutions or just a helping hand. Matrix will provide you with simple and stress-free services throughout the whole move – affordably. Furthermore, our professionals are at your disposal. Wether you just need to ask a question or you are in the middle of an overseas removal.

We recognize that choosing from so many different moving companies in Bulgaria can be difficult. However, this is an essential part of the moving process. It should be done extremely careful. Otherwise your valuable items will be put into risk of damages or worse, loss. All things considered, a further question occur.

How does Matrix Relocations differentiate itself from the other moving companies in Bulgaria?

Our Moving Services. Your Moving Company in Bulgaria. 

Moving Company 

Established in 1990, as a relocation and moving company, Matrix Relocations knows that every move is unique. Therefore we approach moving services a little differently than other moving companies in Bulgaria (removal companies in Bulgaria) – with innovative moving services, advanced technologies and solutions tailored to each client.

As being part of the International Association of Movers, the British Association of Removals, the The Federation of the European movers and of course the Bulgarian Association of Movers, you can be sure that your belongings are safe with us. We provide proven professional services!

Moving Services in Bulgaria

We establish our moving services skillfully. Nowadays we offer many innovative client solutions, pro-active knowledge managements, reporting capabilities, and many more benefits. You will find that Matrix Relocations offers you a complete Door to Door service worldwide covering any type of moving services.

The pro-active moving services will enable you to move anything and anyone in and out Bulgaria. From moving the household belongings to moving your vehicles. From your art to your wine. And eventually from moving your pet to moving YOU! How? Our diversified portfolio, that enables you to move anything, consist of any kind of – moving services, relocation services, immigration services and even specialized logistic services.

Flexibility is one of the many characteristics we have when offering our moving services. Furthermore our reporting capabilities ensure the safety and security of your precious possessions and the peace you want to have when moving.

International Moving around the World and Bulgaria

Matrix Relocations is different from the other international moving companies in Bulgaria (international removal companies in Bulgaria) We recognize your specific needs and then customize your international moving services. When you need skilled international removal company in Bulgaria with knowledge, experience and unlimited resources to transport you around the world. You need Matrix Relocations. Furthermore have more than 30 years of experience. With what we stand out, is our entire network of trusted companies and our main operations in Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia.

Local Moving in Bulgaria

If you are currently in the beautiful country of Bulgaria or you want to be, we also offer local moving. We can help you with local household goods moving or assist your company to change locations. Whatever your need is we have a solutions for you.

Our local moving services range from the simple to the more inclusive, depending on your specific needs and wants. As your local moving company in Bulgaria, you will be provided with your own personal moving consultant. Managing the move from the beginning to the end. Securing and exceeding your expectations. Matrix Relocations moves families around the corner, across town and to neighboring cities since 1990 in Bulgaria. We are more than prepared to handle your local move today!

Office Moving Services in the territory of Bulgaria

We at Matrix Relocations Bulgaria, understand that proper planning and strong coordination are the foundation of a good office move. Hiring an experienced and professional office moving company in Bulgaria will assure the business to be moved quickly, smoothly, efficiently and of course cost effectively. Matrix have built its business on a reputation for excellence. This business mentality has made us one of the most successful and exclusive office movers among the other removal companies in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Matrix Moving Team 

How many moving companies in Bulgaria have their in-house removals team? If you ask some of the removal companies in Bulgaria they will tell you that they have a moving team. Often this means that they hire movers when they are need ones. In order to react quickly they often don’t screen their staff. This can lead to very unpleasant situations.

Here at Matrix Relocations we have our own packers and movers team! They have been interviewed, screened and trained, so that you can expect the highest level of service every time you call us. Our highly-trained professionals are more than qualified for your move. Every person you will encounter through Matrix Relocations is a professional, providing you with unparalleled customer service. To ensure a consistent level of top-quality service and customer satisfaction, all Matrix drivers are required to attend special classes, where they learn standardized procedures through classroom simulation and hands-on training.

Packing Materials 

What about the packing materials? Just let us take care of this.

Our Moving Coordinators will perform a survey and pick the most appropriate packing materials. Our cartons and moving supplies have been designed with hundreds of years of experience in mind and are made by the best suppliers in Europe. This will ensure your belongings are transported safely and there is little chance for any damages. Moreover our trained packing team will be there to pack everything, leaving nothing to chance.

Matrix Relocations packing material shop.

Storage in Bulgaria

Matrix also has various storage options for your local move. We provide both temporary and permanent storage for your belongings during a move. Our storage facilities are secure, guaranteeing the safety of your belongings. Being in the business of moving and storage for more than 30 years, at Matrix Relocations, our trained professionals know what goes into the moving and storage process. That means that there is no company that can handle your moving and storage needs, no matter where in the world you are going, Matrix is at your services.

At the end, whether you find us suitable or not, gives us a try. Call us!

Everything you need to know about our Moving Services

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  • What Our Clients Say

    I got a chance to use the services Matrix Relocations provides and I just can say that professionalism and effectiveness are the first thing that comes to mind while describing their work. Absolutely satisfied and would recommend to anyone who’s having a moving matter and needs a professional’s helping hand!

    Dorijan Radosavljevic

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