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Matrix Relocations is a Green Company

It is in the Matrix DNA to exist as a sustainable company, causing minimal impact on the Planet from its activities. We know that such a policy comes at a greater economical price, but nothing to us is more important than leaving a better world for the generations after us. To achieve this, we take small and big steps.

★ we refuse unnecessary products and services in order to minimize the impact to the Planet
★ we reduce our consumption of energy, products and services as much as possible
★ we reuse every single resource we can
★ we recycle, as we believe in the circular, but not linear consumption.

We implement sustainability at every step of our existence and work. This is how we do it:

☀︎  our offices use 100% electricity from renewable sources*
☀︎  since 2016, we have a growing number of electric cars for our passenger fleet
☀︎  we run own set of electric charging stations, free for our personnel and visitors;
☀︎  we work exclusively with boxes made from recycled paper
☀︎  we have reduced the usage of paper – some 80% for the last 10 years
☀︎ our consultants use shared electric vehicles and public transport*
☀︎  since 2018 we have introduced electric passenger vans for the preview visits*
☀︎  our cargo fleet consist of the most efficient and less polluting vehicles – all with the standard EURO 6

Last, but not least. it was primarily with the efforts of our team and leadership the creation of the network of 2000+ air quality sensors at our end of the world – an endeavor of the citizen science. To learn more, please visit the following websites:
Wikipedia on the Sensor.Community project

While being our client, you might see our work from a different perspective and come up with ideas how we can make things better towards a sustainable Planet. Please reach out and let un know. We would love to hear from you.
* in our locations when available as a market proposition.

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  • What Our Clients Say

    I got a chance to use the services Matrix Relocations provides and I just can say that professionalism and effectiveness are the first thing that comes to mind while describing their work. Absolutely satisfied and would recommend to anyone who’s having a moving matter and needs a professional’s helping hand!

    Dorijan Radosavljevic