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What our clients say

Herewith I would like to thank you for the good service. Your company Matrix Relocations was very responsive and customer friendly. Our communication was excellent and I would like to reassure you that in case I need to relocate again, I will definitely contact you again or recommend you to a friend. Keep up the good service!

K. Krestev


Thanks for everything! For my next visit, I will bring good selection of desserts only for you, Ani! :) :)

Yialmaz G, Turkey

I would like to pass on my thanks for a great move and great relocation team. I have moved several times in the past and memories are not the best, but our latest relocation with Matrix Relocations was a pleasure! I am satisfied and I will recommend you to all the people I know.

D. Pollock

Haifa, Izrael

During my corporate relocation, Yoanna was with me to ease the process. Upon my arrival everything was planned and scheduled based on the my needs and requirements. My family’s transition was smooth and stress free.

Marianna & John K

Athens, Greece

I cannot tell how happy I am! Your team is the best! I sincerely appreciate Dessi’s efforts and Yoanna in turn. I spoke with Eduardo, our MD and gave excellent, positive, comments! Thanks again for helping me with my personal move & relocation to Sofia!!

C. Christensen

Sofia, Bulgaria

After being promoted from my company and had to relocate to Bulgaria to manage our office in Sofia I was excited and stressed at the same time. I didn’t know much about Bulgaria but my biggest concern was my dog. The immigration paperwork was also a challenge, you made it so easy for us! I found Matrix Relocations in Sofia and booked a relocation & immigration package for Rosemary, myself and our dog. Even that the time was short they reacted very quickly and professionally. All the properties I saw was selected according to my needs and now I live in an amazing house, just under the mountain with my dog and we are enjoying our new life.

Jeremy & Rosemary L.

Basel, Switzerland

We spent a week with our personal adviser from Matrix Relocations in Athens and we saw so many exceptional properties, visited proper schools and kindergartens. I can’t imagine doing that without you. Also I would like to thank you for the welcome package and the cook book with original Greek recipes. I will definitely use it in my new kitchen at my new house that you found for me. Thank you very much!

Sharon B.

London, UK

I have no words to express how grateful I am for everything you did for me. This is my first assignment abroad, away from family and friends and I was not very confident and happy about my relocation to Croatia. Now I have new friends from Matrix Relocations and I still call them every time I can. They invite me to different events in Zagreb and help me socialize with other expats. This is not just a company for relocation, it’s everything I need.

Prima K. S.

Tokyo, Japan

I am delighted with the services provided by Matrix Relocations and all the personnel, always very professional and efficient. We were worried about the documents needed for our stay in Croatia and the language, but we end up with all the proper documents without hassle. We received a lot more than originally offered. Thank you very much for the great experience.

Janet & Mike B

Melbourne, Australia

Still surprised how easy a relocation and immigration process can be when you have the proper support and personal adviser who can professionally guide you through out every step. We got a full package, from visa and different permits, through home search till the kindergarten for our youngest daughter. Matrix Relocations’ assistance in Belgrade has been invaluable for us. In future we will move only to countries where you have offices. Thank you very much for everything.

Brian and Mandi S.

Pensilvania, US

Amazing services provider, high professional attitude, hard working team…I can continue reciting your skills and saying how much I appreciate all you did for me and my husband in Bulgaria. Words are not enough to describe the satisfaction from our entire relationship. Without you we would be struggled and lost. Thank you for everything.

Marta and John K

London, UK

The corporate relocation firm that we originally use acted with no sense of what I need. They were pushing me to see things I don’t need. That’s how I found Matrix Relocations in Athens and the difference was enormous. Now I rent an apartment that I adore , the distance to my office is much shorter and I am extremely pleased with them. Special thanks to Chris & Maria for all the time she spent making sure everything went well with my relocation program.

Rene C

Auckland, New Zealand

I am a person who you can call a professional expat, with more than 11 relocations in the past 15 years but I was really surprised from the great services I received from Matrix Relocation in Kosovo and Ekrem. He simply made my life easier and I will recommend their service anytime to all my co-workers, friends and partners.

R. Peterson

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We are a big family of 6 from the United States, we did not know much about Bulgaria and its traditions and culture. Matrix Relocations assigned a personal consultant for us and we were surprised how easy this process can be. For 3-4 days we knew everything we needed for the beginning of our new life in Sofia. We saw huge variety of properties, hospitals, schools, kindergartens. We even saw shopping centers and parks. We are extremely pleased with their services and all this would not have been possible without Matrix Relocations. Our legal papers took some time, but within the promised deadlines. Just great!

Josh, Lucie, Mattie, Chris, Angie and baby Nick

Philadelphia, US

It all started with few questions and a very short conversation about our expectations. I was surprised how can Matrix Relocations figure out what we need and what we expect. Christos was expecting us at the airport in Athens with a great welcome package and our tour started. It was so pleasant that we forgot about all the stress and we felt very much at home. We saw different schools, distances were clear and we had to chose between so many great properties, that this experience became a fun journey. Thank you very much for everything!

Jidie & Mike

London, UK

Once again, hopefully for the last time we had to move to a new country because my husband was promoted. This is our 9th major move and it was the best experience ever. The tour of Belgrade helped us to figure distances, neighborhoods and all main shopping areas. Jovica from Matrix Relocations was anxious in finding us the best property for our budget. He was always willing to work within our difficult schedule and showed us variety of homes in the communities that we selected. We saw even more from what we expected. Our grand truck arrived safe and we are very pleased with Miguel in Malaga and Milan in Belgrade and the boys in their crews. Thank you very much for all your support and for being our best friend in Serbia!

Rosy Brian

Malaga, Spain

Thank you very much for all the efforts in finding the perfect home for my family. We really appreciate your support. It made it a great experience for us and we are so thankful for all your help. Getting a new job in a new country was a bit scary for my family, but luckily we were in very good hands with Matrix Relocations and all the hard work was done perfectly. Thank you once again.

K Pernou

Paris, France

Relocating to a completely strange country with 3 small children was scary for us and we didn’t know what will happen. Our corporation is using Matrix Relocations for relocation services in few locations around Eastern Europe. It was a real pleasure going through all these properties we saw, meeting teachers and looking for the proper kindergarten for our youngest son. After being 8 months in Bulgaria we still call our relocation consultant for advises and information. Great job!

Kumar and Teargina F

New Delhi, India

When the time came and I had to relocate to Croatia I was just about to panic. Thanks to your great team I’m now settled in my great apartment, having all the documents in hand and enjoying my new country. I can’t imagine going through the whole process without you. Thank you very much!

B. Eagle

San Francisco, US

Ci siamo trovati molto bene, Matrix Relocations si è occupata di tutto in maniera molto professionale. La raccomando a tutti coloro che desiderano un aiuto durante un espatriazione. Grazie!

Alex G

Rome, Italy